Fairtravel Battle

Fairtravel Battle is a collectible card game that attempts to celebrate the best aspects of card games without excessive monetization.

It’s a project I’ve been developing solo for over 6 years (as of 22nd July 2023). 37 versions were delivered during those 6 years.


  • 135 base card set
  • 2-4 player battles
  • Custom-built card game framework
  • Multiplayer with both regular servers and Steam P2P Networking Sockets
  • Multiple game modes and submodes such as Duel, Draft, Sealed, deckbuilding, Raid
  • Remote Game Data updates that don’t require redownloading the game (unless game code changes)
  • Online, LAN, or offline play with both real players and CPU players
  • Modding support
  • Multiple progression systems (Card packs, mastery pass, weekly chest, among others)